Should Fiber-Based Internet Access Be A Utility?

In the second report released by the Blue Ribbon Panel, panelists from the Subcommittee on Technology & Infrastructure seek to explain why fiber-optic internet should be treated as a public utility, fundamental to the economic and social life of the entire City. The panel explores international examples of success stories and addresses the risk inherent in maintaining the status quo.

Report Link (PDF)

Panel Co-Chairs: Professor Susan Crawford and Supervisor Mark Farrell

Subcommittee Members: Professor Allen S. Hammond, Chair, Subcommittee on Technology & Infrastructure

Professor Catherine Sandoval, Julie Kim, Dr. Rajiv Sharma, Assistant Professor Hao Yue

Relevant Publications from Panelists:

In Wired, Harvard Law School Professor Susan Crawford backs San Francisco’s plan to treat internet access as a utility: “Fiber is, or should be, a utility available to all Americans. All of our advanced-wireless dreams, all the Internet of Things amazingness, depends on having a solid, dependable, ubiquitous fiber infrastructure reaching everyone at a reasonable cost. San Francisco, after years of study, has finally gotten to the point of readiness to take this step.”